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Sports Medicine

International Congress of the Spanish Association of Sports Medicine in Toledo. Two days interpreting talks on nutrition, biomechanics, world records, training, physical tests, physicial exercise in extreme conditions, etc. Very happy to combine my two passions for a couple of days: sports and interpreting. 

Nov-Dec 2018, Toledo

Healthy Peoples, Healthy Persons

The General Directorate of Public Health of Asturias and the University Central Hospital of Asturias organize a seminar to introduce the new Health Plan of Asturias for the next 10 years based on best practices from all over the world and Spain. Experts from USA and UK will share their best practices in Oviedo.

November 2018, Oviedo

China-Europe Forum

China Daily organizes the China-Europe Forum on Reform and Globalization. There will be attendees representing the Chinese and Spanish government, embassies, Chambers of Commerce and main financial institutions, among others.

November 2018, Madrid


The international pharma company Janssen has invited investigators from all over the world to attend a meeting in Madrid focused on the next clinical study targeting children with RSV.  

November 2018, Madrid

Europa Cinemas

In the framework of the International Film Festival of Seville, Europa Cinemas organizes a Lab for cinema managers from all over Europe to share their best practices related to attracting new audiences.

November 2018, Seville


47 General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees held in Marbella and organized by the National Olympic Committee, Spain. Simultaneous interpreting: Russian, English, French and Spanish. Very proud and honoured to have provided this service to the leaders of the Olympic movement (being a triathlete myself). I love my job!

November 2018, Marbella

European Multisport Championships Ibiza 2018

The European Triathlon Union and the Spanish Federation of Triathlon have organized a whole week of triathlon and duathlon events on the isle of Ibiza. Consecutive interpreting at the official opening ceremony and liaison during the whole week.

October 2018, Ibiza

VAUSTE opens a new plant

Official opening, supported by Asturian authorities and the main Asturian institutions, of the new VAUSTE plant in Gijón. A new production line has been started aiming to create employment and reach new markets.

October 2018, Gijón

European Association of Regional Televisions

CIRCOM members visit Asturias to exchange best practices and visit the facilities of the RTPA. The Regional Executive Committee holds its annual meeting in Gijón. Consecutive interpreting.

October 2018, Gijón

Assisted Reproduction

Cook Medical organizes a seminar to address the best practices in the ART lab and risk management as one of the priorities to guarantee success in IVF. Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng. 

October 2018, Barcelona

Asturias and Europe

International seminar to address the relationship between Europe and Asturias in the VIII and IX centuries. Tradeuro offers simultaneous interpreting in the following languages: Italian, French, English and Spanish. Seminar organized by the Government of the Principality of Asturias (Directorate for Cultural Heritage) and the University of Oviedo.

October 2018, Oviedo

Industrial Heritage

XX Seminar on Industrial Heritage organized by Incuna. National and foreign experts meet in Gijón for a week to share best practices and take part in guided visits in Asturias.

September 2018, Gijón

Waste Management

GHK organizes a seminar to present the best practices in Europe in terms of waste management, the basis for the new waste management model to be implemented shortly in Guipuzcoa. For a greener and cleaner world!

September 2018, Donosti


Official opening at Laboral of the robotic installation "ArchaeBot". This is the result of a collaboration project between artists and scientists. The project is based on new research about archaea (the oldest life-forms on Earth) combined with the latest innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence creating the ”ultimate” species for the end of the world as we know it. 

September 2018, Gijón (Laboral)


X World Congress on Bioethics organized by the S.I.B.I in Gijón. Live Streaming with simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng. The main topic of this edition is "Youth and Environmental Protection". 

September 2018, Gijón

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